Bone Grafting for Implants in Van Buren, MO

Brunette-LadyWhile the process of receiving dental implants can be simple and rewarding, some patients may require a bone graft prior to their dental implant procedure. In most cases, a bone graft can be done quite easily in a dental office without the use of the patient’s own bone. Surgeons often use bovine bone as a graft material to avoid using large amounts of your bone.

Bone grafts serve as a placeholder for your dental implants, preventing the collapse of soft and hard tissues in the implant area. The dentists at Pryor Family Dental in Van Buren, MO will assess your mouth, checking for healthy gums and bone, and determine whether you are first in need of a bone graft.

The Bone Graft Process

3D Scan 2Bone grafts for dental implants provide a strong and healthy home for the implant. Whether it’s bovine or your own bone that is used in the graft, your body will recognize it as natural bone and resorbs it over time until your bone replaces it. Generally, there are three different procedures that may be utilized in a bone graft. One of all three of the procedures may be done, depending on what your surgeon finds is best for you. the three procedures are as follows:

  • Socket Graft | Naturally, your body will begin to resorb the bone under a missing tooth as soon as the tooth is gone. In this case, a ridge preservation graft is needed, in which the space from the missing tooth is filled so the bone can fill the space. This must be done a minimum of three months prior to a dental implant procedure.
  • Block Bone Graft | Using the patient’s live bone to assist in the replacement, the block bone graft is necessary when bovine is not enough to replace missing bone. Therefore, this procedure involves removing bone from either the patient’s chin or lower jaw and placing it where the tooth is missing.
  • Sinus Lift Procedure | In some cases, the maxillary sinus—a natural airspace—may impose on the roots of the teeth in the upper jaw, leaving very little bone for the implant to be placed. In this case, a sinus lift, or subantral graft, is performed. A small space is made above the roots of your upper teeth to be filled with bovine bone. Six to nine months must pass before an implant is placed.

It’s not uncommon that some form of bone graft is required prior to receiving dental implants. Dr. Pryor will determine which procedure is suited for your needs and answer any questions that may arise. All of the procedures listed above can be done in an outpatient setting with local anesthesia or sedation to ensure a comfortable process in obtaining your new teeth.

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