The Dental Implant Procedure

summer smileAt Pryor Family Dental, we understand that as excited as you may be to finally get your smile back with implant dentistry, you may feel just as apprehensive about the actual procedure. You can rest assured that we put your comfort and concerns first, before, and during, the implant process. We promise receiving your dental implants will be a positive experience.

What Is To Be Expected During The Dental Implant Procedure?

We will go above and beyond to put you at ease during your procedure. Prior to your procedure, we will use our Sirona XG3D technology to completely plan your personalized treatment. Our Sirona XG3D technology can complete a scan in less than twenty seconds. The Sirona XG3D is comfortable for our patients and emits even lower radiation. With this technology, we can visualize your procedure, and determine the best way for you to enjoy the most implant dentistry benefits.

After the diagnostic state, our experienced team will discuss different forms of sedation before the procedure to alleviate any anxiety you may have. Once you are comfortably sedated and a local anesthesia has been injected, the implant process will begin.

The first of three stages of the implant process are done by adhering or burying the implant into your jaw bone. The dentist will place the implant under your gum to protect it during the healing process. During this very important healing time, the implant will become fused to your jawbone, creating a strong, secure base for an abutment.

Once the implant has had time to heal, Dr. Pryor will then check to ensure that it has securely adhered to the bone. Next, a post, called an abutment, will be attached to the implant. This post will be what your new prosthetic tooth will be attached to.

The final and most exciting step of your dental implants will be having a new, durable, prosthetic tooth affixed to the abutment. This tooth will be carefully matched in both shape and color to your existing teeth.

Your smile is now complete! Your new dental implants will now act and feel like your own teeth.

Dr. Pryor would be happy to sit down and discuss any and all concerns or questions your may have. Please call today to schedule a consultation.