TMJ: What it is and How to Treat it

Jaw pain can be unbearable and, if your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) hurts, it could affect your day-to-day life. While the causes of TMJ pain are relatively uncertain, the treatment options for the issue are well known. Relieving your TMJ pain is essential as it can have a number of adverse effects on your life.

Here at Pryor Family Dental in Van Buren, MO, we aim to provide everyone in Carter County with the dental treatments they require. While we specialize in dental implants, we provide a variety of services including TMJ pain treatment options. Before you call to schedule your appointment, let our knowledgeable staff fill you in on TMJ pain.

TMJ Pain

TMJ pain is one of the worst issues to live with. While we aren’t sure what causes the TMJ to hurt, there are a number of reputable theories out there. Some of the commonly attributed causes of TMJ pain are:

  • Grinding Your Teeth: When you grind your teeth, your TMJ is clenched. Over time, this can lead to increased pain in the joint.
  • Whiplash: Injury to your jaw or neck have also been thought to cause TMJ pain.
  • Arthritis: Another commonly attributed cause of TMJ pain is arthritis to the joint. Arthritis can cause joint pain and can be treated with medication or physical therapy.
  • Stress: When under a great deal of stress, we often tighten our facial and jaw muscles and clench our teeth.

Avoiding grinding your teeth and taking the proper precautions can help you avoid TMJ pain, as can arthritis treatment and relieving stress. But even then, TMJ pain may still occur. If it does, we here at Pryor Family Dental can help treat the issue in our Van Buren dental office.

TMJ Treatment Options

If you are suffering from TMJ pain, then you understand exactly how difficult it can be to live with. Daily activities like chewing and even talking become painful tasks. Alleviating your TMJ pain is crucial to getting back to living a healthy and normal lifestyle. Some of the common treatment options for TMJ pain are:

  • Botox: Believe it or not, Botox is an effective treatment option for TMJ pain. Botox works to suppress the central nervous system, which can cause joint pain as well as chronic headaches.
  • Medications: Ibuprofen is effective at reducing pain to the TMJ. Other medications such as painkillers and antidepressants are also effective but require a prescription.
  • Mouthguards: Occlusal splints, also known as dental mouthguards, can help position the teeth in a way that stress is not directly applied to the TMJ.

Pryor Family Dental Can Help

Suffering from TMJ pain can be a distressing issue, but with the right precautions it can be avoided. If you are suffering from the issue, however, Pryor Family Dental is here to help. We offer several treatment options for TMJ pain including Botox. You can contact our Van Buren, MO dental office here or call us at 573-323-4787 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pryor today!